Legends of the Lair

The Crew

The primary cast of Legends of the Lair, listed here in order of appearance in the canon story. Each bio gives the character's name, race/species, gender, height, current age, birthday, home reality, key relations, and a short synopsis.

The Lair

Just within the city limits of Jai-Vanytt lies a large, upper-class subdivision known as the Ivory Gardens. Here, on 173 Roundabout Hollow, is where the Lair is located. The Lair is a large, two story house, its exterior and interior both in the likeness of a modernized castle. The house, in itself, is nothing special (and actually, the Crew moved here from the old Lair just before Erik was introduced). Yet, the reputation the Crew has earned for it has scared any and everyone away from the mental asylum. Children aren't allowd to cut through the lawn. Neighbors sneak around, stay indoors--and some flat-out move away. Yet say what they will, the Crew never minds. The Lair is their home, what brought them together, and their shelter from the chaos that haunts their day-to-day lives. As the saying goes, "Home is where the Heart lies", and thirteen hearts have all found home here.

Julieanna Henson

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0"
Current Age: 20
Birthday: May 13
Home Reality: AU Base World SLN
Key Relations: Livi (friend), Ace (love/hate), Annoyance (enemy), Anita (friend)

Julieanna is one of the very few sane minds of the Crew. The responsibilities for the Lair's upkeeping, such as cooking, cleaning, and managing the Crew Members, usually fall to her. She is usually very sweet, but can quickly lose her temper when irritated. Julieanna stands as the closest thing the Crew has to a peace-keeper. She'll never take sides, and usually tries to stay far away from the insanity. But, when fights get rougher, Julieanna won't hesitate to step in, which is never fun for anyone else.

Though intelligent, firm, and sensible, Julieanna repeatedly finds herself sucked into the insane antics of all the other Crew Members. She is currently trying and miserably failing to hang on to the very few and frail traces of sanity she has left. To preserve that, she's taking online college courses to get a degree in literature. Julieanna is also one of the very few Crew Members with a job--she gets hired out to random snobby rich kids as a private tutor.

Tiku Hystanna

Race: Anthro. Bengal Tiger
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Current Age: 22
Birthday: June 6
Home Reality: Kabuchie
Key Relations: Mowo (friend), Nata (slight master/servant), Ace (enemy), Darius (friend), Flint (friend)

A proud Kabuchian warrior from a long line of warriors, Tiku finds himself trapped in service to the spoiled-rotten Princess Nata. When Nata journeys to Here to be with her Advisor and best friend, Mowo, Tiku has no choice but to follow. Soon, he's trapped in this strange dimension he wants nothing to do with, having to take care of troublesome Mowo and bratty Nata.

There are certain advantages to staying in Here. Tiku has quickly taken an addiction ot video games, and his diet now mainly consists of junk food. Though Livi is the Queen, Tiku somewhat stands as the dominant male, he being the first (and at one point only) male in the Lair, and has somewhat of an authority over the girls, but they speculate that's mainly because Tiku could beat them all up...


Race: Elemental (Human)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Current Age: 16 (13)
Birthday: April 6
Home Reality: AU Base World SLN
Key Relations: Livi (sister), Matsudai (mother/child), Ace (immortal companion), Erik (tormentor), Flint (hate/love) / Artist Block (guidance), Boredom (enemy)

Between the Earth and Heavens, there lies the Mystery Mansion--a home to the higher beings, Elementals, the incarnations of artistry. Annoyance has predicted his oncoming "end", and must choose his successor. However, as he selects her by looking into the future, he finds her to be living a happy life amidst her wonderful family. That cannot happen. He doesn't want to tear her from them and create such pain for her--so he sends out Karma to snatch her as a baby.

In an alternate base world, Emily Tidwell was born as the twin sister of Livi. For all of two seconds, that is. Karma then stepped in, snatched Emily, changed files and erased memories until Emily never existed at all. Then he dropped her across the country to blossom into the next Annoyance until she was annointed and called up to the Mansion. Once there, however, Annoyance decided to flex her all-powerful abilities and find out what happened to her family. Turns out--they're alive. And her sister is currently dwelling in an OPEN reality. Needless to say, she slipped right down to join the insanity, and hasn't left us since.

Annoyance is nothing short of her name. She lives to screw up lives, ruin plans, destroy possessions, and just cause chaos in general. She terrorizes every Crew member, and most believe bad luck to follow her wherever she goes. Strangly, Annoyance has been known for random outbreaks of increadibly human emotion. Her heart breaks, she cries, she gets mad, and the most surprising and unexpected of things are the only ones that seem to peirce her heart.

Ace Dimonde

Race: Half-blood Vampire
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Current Age: 20 (5,929)
Birthday: December 21
Home Reality: AU Base World TSF
Key Relations: Livi (power struggle), Julieanna (love/hate), Tiku (enemy), Annoyance (immortal companion), Matsudai (tormentor), Erik (best friend), Flint (tolerance) / Roxxi (girlfriend)

Ace comes from an alternate version of Base World, in which vampires, werewolves and the like run rampant, unknown to humankind. There, for well over five thousand years, Ace and his coven fled from one country to the next to escape Ace's father, who was bent on killing him and everyone close to him. However, even in his father's death, their world was no longer safe for them. They had been exposed. So, hunted and hated wherever they went, Ace stumbles into a mysterious woman known as the Skeleton Lady. She sends Ace and his coven to Here--but at a price. Once there, Ace will become attatched to a group of mortals, and one day be torn away from them. Ace must endure that pain for the rest of his life if his coven is to remain in Here. A few years later, a car crash, a moment of panic, and a fated encounter brought Ace to the Lair.

Ace displays many common traits of vampires--such as violence, hatred, malice, and blood-lust. He has a habit of claiming territory, and defending it at all costs. Upon his arrival, he and Tiku had many gruesome battles as Ace tried to claim dominance. They've butted heads on everything ever since. Ace also has a curious distaste for reptiles, and as such, tends to be very abusive towards Matsudai. A monster, though he is, Ace is capable of love--he's very defensive of his best friend, Erik, and goes through extreme emotional roller coasters whenever he's involved.

Erik Marome

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Current Age: 22
Birthday: September 18
Home Reality: Here
Key Relations: Annoyance (hate), Ace (best friend), Topaz (tolerance), Anita (friend), Darius (guidance) / Jonah (boyfriend)

Erik's first encounter with the Crew was probably the most terrifying. He, as a studying major in mythology, was out in the woods searching for evidences of vampires his professor had hinted to. Unfortunatly--he found one. Ace Dimonde. As soon as Erik was unconcious, Ace searched through his collected data and immediatly declared him a hunter, and furthermore, a threat to be dealt with. So, he stole Erik off to the Lair and held him captive there for three weeks.

Contrary to Ace's original plans, however, Erik was never killed. During his last few days at the Lair, Ace was forced by Julieanna to stop being so abusive to Erik (she and the others seriously fearing these days would be Erik's last). Surprisingly, Ace developed a liking to Erik, and evenutally set him free. However, he unknowingly handed Erik right back over to his abusive, drug-addict roomates, who were currently making his life hell--as they had for the past eight years. Ace pretended to believe Erik when he wrote off the abuse as "nothing unusual", but when he found Erik in the hospital with a stitched-up eye, he told Erik's roomates to bid him goodbye--they were never going to see him again.

Since adapting to life at the Lair, Erik's true personality has begun to show. He's very smart, snarky, if not a bit cruel at times. He has a very hot temper with a very short fuse. He's even gone so far as to hack Annoyance's hair off for a rather nasty insult she paid his boyfriend. Ah, of course--Erik's most unusal quirk is the one he's most known in the Lair for, his homosexuality. After dating several guys off and on, Erik recently settled on Jonah for a boyfriend--a decision of his Ace both openly rejects, and subtly encourages.

Darius Emyllae

Race: Anthro. Gray wolf.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Current Age: 37 (???)
Birthday: ???
Home Reality: ???
Key Relations: Livi (guidance), Nata (???), Tiku (best friend), Annoyance (irritation), Ace (guarding), Topaz (companion), Erik (carefully guarding), Flint (tolerating/slight friendship)

Little, if anything, is known about Darius. He appeared mysteriously in the midst of a stormy night, demanding to speak with Livi. He told the Queen his unusual tale--that he followed some beings he refers to only as "the Stars" that have sent him out on a strange quest. This quest forces him to travel through many strange dimensions, and after the deaths of several loved ones, Darius now travels alone. For reasons Darius is unsure of, the Stars have sent him to the Lair. He has no idea how long he must stay here, but he both fears and hopes it will be much longer than anticipated.

Darius, being a magician of sorts, knows a great deal of the mystical arts and carries a vast knowledge of many dimensions. Despite his intelligence and wisdom, however, Darius is rather illiterate--and, curiously enough, can only read and write in runes. He keeps quietly to himself in the Observatory, carefully maintaining minimal contact with the rest of the Crew. Despite his increadibly  low tolerance for the Crew's antics, he does harbor a gradually developing care and even love for the silly pests. From day one, he's trusted Tiku to guide him through the customs of this realm, and the two have built up a rather strong friendship. Darius is very defensive of the Crew, getting irritable and enraged when they wind up harming themselves or each other (leading to his close studying and guarding of Ace and Erik). Darius has become an unofficial councelor for the Crew--with problems or troubles of any sort, even the loners have taken a habit of relying on the wolf.

Livi Tidwell

Race: Human
Gender: Female  
Height: 5'9"
Current Age: 16 
Birthday: April 6
Home Reality: Base World
Key Relations: Julieanna (friend), Annoyance (sister), Matsudai (boyfriend), Ace (power struggle)

If nothing else, Livi is the main character of the story. She is one of the two Artists responsible for the creation of Here. Unlike most Artists, Livi wasn't comfortable with another story she could dream up, then just sit back and watch. She wanted the characters to be real, and what better way than to experience their life for herself? However, nothing comes for free, and Livi has thrown herself into the story at the cost of her ability to control anything that might happen.

Livi currently resides in Here, at the Lair, with the rest of the Crew, each of whom recognizes her as their Creator, which is why she was named their leader, the Queen of the Lair. She helps her characters adapt to this world, while somewhat struggling to find her own place in it. Without the ability to control the story, Livi can't help everything that's being thrown at the Crew, and strongly depends on them to help her out when she can't handle things on her own. Though she's afraid of what's yet to come, Livi is somewhat brave in the face of danger. She can be spaztic and scatterbrained at times, but she can keep a level-head when she needs to.

Mowo Ki-entei

Race: Anthro. Cat.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Current Age: 21
Birthday: January 23
Home Reality: Kabuchie
Key Relations: Tiku (friend), Nata (friend, master/servant), Topaz (enemy) / Jacob (boyfriend), Zatannii ("gay best friend")

Mowo is nothing more than an overgrown five-year-old. She has a high, shrill voice to match her bubbly, happy personality. Mowo is very easily over-excited about the most trivial of things, and loves playing around with things she isn't allowed to touch. Mowo is a practicing Artist, and even though she learned everything she knows form Livi, she doesn't posses the ability to travel to her created worlds.

Despite being a Potions-Master and Advisor to the Princess in Kabuchie, Mowo is increadibly stupid. She is easily and often tricked into doing things against her will by Tiku and Nata, and usually takes full blame on herself when Julieanna catches them in the act. Mowo is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for (loyal to a fault, some say), and would follow the Crew to the ends of the earth if need be.

Nata Ambashe

Race: Anthro. Squirrel.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Current Age: 18
Birthday: October 3
Home Reality: Kabuchie
Key Relations: Mowo (friend, heavy master/servant), Tiku (master/servant), Topaz (hate), Darius (???)

Nata hails form the royal bloodline of the Kabuchie Kingdom. She is the second born child to the King and Queen. While this gives her no direct title to the throne, it does give the Crew a serious advantage--since Nata planned on coming to Here, a reality being very financially-dependent, her parents gave Nata the royal fortune. About once a month, Nata recieves a small package from Kabuchie, via Livi's artistic connections with the Queen, which is filled to the brim with priceless jweles of all shapes and sizes.

Personality-wise, Nata is very snobby and extremely vain. She thinks very highly of herself and thinks only of herself, paying little to no attention to others, or what effect her actions have on them. Her main source of vainity lies in her control over Tiku and Mowo, who she loves to boss around. Nata is, perhaps, the worst of the three Kabuchians at adapting to life in Here. Being used to the royal life, Nata's lifestyle takes some major re-working as she struggles to cope with her new housemates on such close relations...

Matsudai Kahou

Race: Anthro. Dragon.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Current Age: 15
Birthday: March 15
Home Reality: ???
Key Relations: Livi (girlfriend), Tiku (guidance), Annoyance (mother/child), Ace (enemy), Topaz (protective)

Matsudai, by far, has the most unusual of the Crew's backstories. He was actually discovered as a dormant spirit, trapped in a balloon Livi had carried home. Annoyance sensed a magical presence, and stole the balloon up to the Mansion for investigation. Not a day later, the spirit must have loved all that unstable magic flying around, because Annoyance soon discovered a large egg in the balloon's place. She hid it to the best of her ability, but once it hatched into a baby dragon, she couldn't keep the secret any more. But, rather than forfeit the child she'd come to know and love, she took the dragon down to the Lair and inducted him into the Crew.

For a while, Matsudai was raised somewhere between a prince and a pet. Either way, he was spoiled rotten. He got everything he asked for, on demand. He almost never learned to fly for riding around on his friends' shoulders. However, Matsudai's body eventually decided dragons don't exist in this form in Here--and he went through a series of painful growth spurts, his body eventually shifting into that of an anthro.

Matsudai is a very shy, reclusive Crew Member, and one of the more intelligent. Because of this, he likes to keep to himself, staying locked away in his room most nights. For as long as he can remember, he's been head-over-heels for Livi, and still is to this day. This probably comes from Livi caring for and protecting him during some of Ace's outbreaks of violent hatred--usually geared towards Matsudai.


Race: ???, "The Created"
Gender: Female
Height: 2'3"
Current Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Home Reality: The Artist's Playground
Key Relations: Nata (hate), Mowo (hate), Tiku (companion), Matsudai (shelter), Ace (guidance), Darius (friend), Flint (enemy/hate)

Extremely little is known about the origins of this strange creature. She is from one of many races known simply as "The Created"; products of an Artist who spends his days making up bizarre races, sorting through every aspect of their lifestyle, and dumping them into their realm. Topaz's race are time-/dimensional-travelers. Due to this, they started breaking many barriers that weren't meant to be broken, and Shatter was ordered to destroy them. Topaz had left on a solo-flight, and upon returning, found the rest of her race wiped from existance. She fled the reality, being chased by the hunters, and was knocked accidentally into Here. There, she encountered Matsudai, who gladly took her in. Topaz dispises everyone in the house, and hates Here even more--but she's terrified to try her luck in the time stream again, so for now, she's trapped.

Topaz is spiteful, violent, and reclusive. She keeps to herself, and her limited interaction with the rest of the Crew consists mainly of threats and insults. Every girl in the house infuriates her, so she tends to keep company with the males. Ace was her closest companion for a while, then she began to build up ties with Tiku. Darius, being another magical being, also lost in this world, now keeps closest relation to Topaz.

Anita Regalo

Race: Spanish Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Current Age: 24
Birthday: May 27
Home Reality: Here
Key Relations: Julieanna (best friend), Tiku (friend), Ace (guidance), Topaz (pet love), Erik (friend), Flint (friend)

Anita was first introduced to the Crew as a nameless, lost, confused girl, striken with a severe case of amnesia. She had no clue as to her whereabouts, home, friends, family, and had no belongings with her. Taking pity on this poor soul, Erik brought her home to the Lair and the others immediatly adopted her as one of their own. She was named Erin, after her savior, and taught the ins and outs of Crew life as her memory slowly crawled back to her. When she recalled her home address, however, she found her home to be in burned ruins. A fire ravaged her home and killed her family--the traumatizing event wiping her memory as she fled the scene.

With no home to return to, Anita was inducted as a Crew member and continued to live with us. She tends to be bright, uplifting, and encouraging to the others (which can be somewhat irritating at times). She likes cutesy things, and has a habit of "mommy-ing" Crew members like Mowo, Matsudai, and Topaz. However she tries to improve the lives of the other members, however, there is a distinct barrier between her and her housemates. English is only a secondary language to her--the majority of her dialouge being in Spanish. Also, she has severe short-term memory loss, so small tasks and everyday information does not come easily to her.


Race: ??? (Shatter's destroyers)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8"
Current Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Home Reality: "Base" (???)
Key Relations: Tiku (friend), Annoyance (love interest), Ace (companion), Topaz (enemy/hunter), Darius (best friend)

The Crew's full knowledge of Flint comes to a grand total of a smidgen over nothing. They know that he is of the race of creatures sent to eliminate Topaz's race--and he came to our dimension as he was chasing her. However, something went wrong when he knocked her through the time stream. It had only been about six seconds since he had done so, and yet, Topaz had already been living in Here for several years. Upon his arrival, he tried to kill Topaz and everyone that stood in his way--being stopped only when Darius was able to control his mind and manipulate him into submission. Oddly enough, the Crew decided to keep the creature. They came to the conclusion that if he was killed, more predators would be sent after Topaz. However, Topaz now had reassurance that others would be waiting for her should she ever attempt to re-enter the time stream. So, here, stuck alone together, Flint and Topaz are both trapped in a foreign dimension.

Flint is the complete opposite of Topaz. His English is not good at all--he speaks in a different pattern and still holds a very strong accent. He is easily confused by simple things, and no matter how many times he is taught a concept, he never seems to learn it. He clings to Darius for reasons no one can explain, practically worshiping the ground the Magician walks on. Another odd habit of his--despite her constant abuse, disgust, and insults towards him, Flint harbors somewhat of an affection for Annoyance.