Legends of the Lair

Legends of the Lair

173 Roundabout Hollow is not your everyday home. People around Jai-Vanytt have been spreading rumors and gossip about the mysterious house for years. They say unearthly creatures dwell there. They say the inhabitants belong in a mental asylum. They say some are killers. They say they're responsible for three-quarters of the chaos in the city.

The worst part? They're absolutely correct.

This house, better known as The Lair, is home to thirteen individuals (The Crew). In no dimension to ever exist will one ever find a group more different from each other than these. However different they may be, though, their paths have somehow come from across the Multiverse to intertwine together and set down roots in the Lair. Here, in the Library, are some of their greater adventures, highlights and lowlights of their insanity, and random peeks into everyday life.


The 100 Theme Challenge

One list, one hundred themes, thirteen Crew members. Seems simple enough. Each item on the list will be a different one-shot involving the Crew and other characters that pop up in their lives.

Sleep Tight

Ace is waiting up late for Erik one night,and the two have an unusually sweet conversation. They must be very tired.

Vampy's Ghost

(takes place in the former Lair) Due to recent events, Annoyance, Mowo, and Ace are currently the only Crew Members in the Lair. Needless to say, this is not a good combination. Chaos happens, and Annoyance and Mowo (like the idiots they are) fully convince themselves that they've murdered Ace, and his ghost is now out to haunt them. Based off the Spongebob episode, Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost.

Crew Arcs


Crossover Arcs

Operation: Matchmaker

What is to be done when a half-blood vampire and a kick-ass goth chick fall in love and outright refuse to admit it to even themselves, much less each other? Something must be done. Deciding such, Typhoo, Moolatte, and Keith of the Posse team up with Livi and Annoyance of the Crew in many insane, sometimes life-threatening, and never the brightest plans to push Ace and Roxxi into a couple.