Legends of the Lair


Annoyance's fellow wreakers-of-havoc that dwell up at the Mystery Mansion. The Mansion is an infinate dimension, entirely its own, that takes the form of an ancient mansion hovering in the sky. There are innumerable Elementals and Scribes that dwell here, but the Crew has only had the opportunity to meet a few. The Elementals and Scribes listed here are those that have been listed in the "Legends cast", for sake of argument.

Artist Block

The most familiar Elemental to the Crew, besides Annoyance. She harbors an exrtreme hatred for Boredom, as the two hold the most contradicting powers in the entire Mansion--Boredom gives inspiration, Artist Block takes it away. As such, the two are forbidden to ever touch each other, or all of existence would collapse on itself. Abby (as her friends know her) keeps a cool, somewhat snarky manner, but she is easily riled up and can be very emotional. This makes her dangerous to be around, because her powers can seriously harm other Elementals, and they are directly linked to her emotions--namely sorrow, rage, and lust. Before she was annointed, Artist Block met Artistic (already an Elemental), and through close companionship with him, became an increadible Artist. One of them had some horrible karma stacked up, though, because when she was annointed, she lost all ability to recieve inspiration of any sorts. 


Imagination's gift is exactly as her name states--she gives mortals the ability to creativly shape granted inspiration or concepts into something entirely their own. She doesn't appear very intelligent, as her mortal age is the youngest in the Mansion, yet she must be doing something right, because she is actually one of the eldest. She has always kept close company with Artistic. When he continued keeping friendship with a typicallly-loner Artist Block, she followed suit and extended her own affections to Abby. Imagination was the Elemental sent down to annoint Annoyance, and the two are still very close.


For as long as Elementals have dwelled in the Mansion, and for reasons no one can ever explain, the residing Karma and Annoyance have always been the best of friends. Even though Karma stole Annoyance away from her home when she was a baby and left her in an orphanage, and despite their ridiculously contradicting personalities, the two are still inseperable. Karma is a very high-ranking Scribe that works to balance out one's good and bad karma with good and bad happenings. It only makes sense he would go hand-in-hand with the goddess of all things bothersome. Karma spends many days either wandering different mortal dimensions or going through papers and documents in his study. His abilities set him at very close relations to both Finale and Balance, and place him in charge over many Scribes. 


Artist Block's closest companion. Artistic's abilities turn motals into Artists--giving them the ability to create, and to recieve other gifts like inspiration and imagination. Having used this ability to shape mortal-Artist Block into the wonderful Artist she was, he takes extreme guilt in her annointing, forever convinced it is his fault she has fallen so far. He keeps constant watch over her, at times even allowing himself great harm to help her keep calm and in control of her unstable powers. There's a vast amount of rumors circling the Mansion concerning the former lives of these two. Artistic, in fact, chased Artist Block for so long, because he was in love with her, and some say he still is some thirteen-thousand years later.


Occasionally, a reality will become unstable, or the inhabitants of that reality will start breaking rules. When this occurs, Finale will order the reality destroyed--wiped from existance. Shatter holds this job, as the Elemental of destruction. She usually stays locked in her room at the top of an isolated tower, because her powers are some of the most powerful and unstable in the Mansion. She is forever silent, with never even an audible laugh or cry. Despite her sweet, cute, loving disposition, however, she takes an extremely sadistic delight in destroying realities, and her eagerness in unleashing power has sometimes gotten her hurt. That never gets her down though--she is insanely meticulous in destroying. She has even gone and warped an Artist's original concepts to create for herself a band of destroyers (Flint's race) to go and chase down any inhabitants of a desroyed dimension that may have slipped off somewhere else to seek shelter. However much she loves destruction, though, there are limits on her powers. She is only allowed to destroy a reality that she has been summoned and asked or given permission to destroy. Only Finale and Balance are allowed to grant her summons.

Destiny and Deja Vu

Underlings of Karma, Destiny a woman and Deja Vu a man of about the same mortal age. They despise each other for their conflicting abilities, but require a sort of partnership to monitor the time streams (Destiny controlling the future and Deja Vu controlling the past). Little is known about these two, as the Crew has not yet met them face-to-face, but Annoyance often referances them.