Legends of the Lair
Deep within the Ivory Gardens, down the twisted turns of Roundabout Hollow, at the corner of Wrong and Way, there lies three simple things--one house, thirteen lives, and infinite stories...

Evening, Mortals.

Assuming you are all capable of common sense--you are aware it is typically the ARTIST that runs the story, the site, the everything involving her characters. Nay? Lucky for us, we've been cursed with the most lazy-ass Artist known to the dimensions.

So, her characters, loyal as we are, have taken over. We're running the show and calling the shots now. Livi has no say in the matter. Drawing and writings and such, of course, will all be up to her, but the site itself is ours to nourish, ours to develop, or ours to destroy. Our pick.

So enjoy the insanity, because it's here to stay. As with any transition of power, things will be a bit rough here at first. And of COURSE, Livi is currently being eaten alive by... life... so she won't be able to give us much to update WITH just yet. But not to worry! We'll fix everything up soon enough!




So APPARENTLY, the Crew has taken charge of their own story (much to the displeasure of their Queen...)