Legends of the Lair
Still Alive 07/15/2011
Nata: Hard to tell though... seriously--what part of "KEEP THE FREAKING SITE UPDATED FOR ONCE" was so freaking hard to understand?!?

Ace: Look! We're all busy, okay?! Gah, if the ARTIST is this lazy, what do you expect her characters to be like?!

Annoyance: "Stupid is as stupid does!"

Julieanna: ANYWAY. Are we actually updating, or opening a blog amidst yelling at each other?

Tiku: Updating! For crying out loud!

Julieanna: Alright, well, in our defense, we couldn't update much--Livi's away at Rising Star--

Ace: Making this the PERFECT time to slink around behind her back and screw her life over!

Julieanna: --leaving us with LITTLE to NOTHING to update WITH.

Ace: ...right.

Mowo: (waves her hand frantically in the air) OH OH OH!! ME AND ACE ARE ENTERING AN OCT!!!

Ace: Against Ace's will, might Ace add.

Annoyance: Wait... Mowo... you're entering an OCT? ...again?

Mowo: (nods enthusiastically) Uh-huh!

Tiku: (snerk) ...don't you die, in like, every meme you do?

Annoyance: (laughing) And didn't you, um... lose the other OCT... like, first round?

Mowo: Shuttup! Those totally aren't my fault! My gosh!

Matsudai: Okay, again, so we really just opened up this blog so we can pretend to update, and actually we're just sitting around bitching at each other.

Annoyance: (smacks his head) Language!

Matsudai: Again! EVERYONE ELSE in the WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE is allowed to talk like that!

Annoyance: Yeah, but you're NOT everyone else. You're Matsie-baby.

Matsudai: (head-desk) Oh, god, don't call me that!

Ace: Awwww, how precious! Sweet widdle Matsie-baby thinks he's growing up!

Matsudai: SHUT UP, ACE.

Tiku: Okay, I think we're done screaming at each other for this post. (grabs the computer and starts typing) There. We have a link to Ace and Mowo's audition and refs for the OCT they're entering. That's some progress, right?

Julieanna: As close as we can get right now.

Annoyance: (raises her hand) I think Liv said she was working on some shit for us.

Ace: Tch. "Some shit." What an accurate description.

Matsudai: Be nice.

Ace: Don't tell me what to do, lizard.

Matsudai: Blood-sucker.

Ace: (eyes narrow) Dipshit.

Matsudai: Half-breed.

Ace: Orphan.

Tiku: Okay, for serious--we're wrapping this up now.
Back Online! 06/02/2011
Annoyance: Omigod, I feel like a... zombie or something!

Nata: Seriously! Damn, what took you morons so long?!

Mowo: Ya know, you could've helped instead of bossing us around!

Nata: (shocked) I was supervising! I mean, someone has to make sure the site doesn't turn into the abandoned train wreck it was last time!

Annoyance: (hugs laptop) Don't worry, we're not gonna abandon this one!

Tiku: Dude! Livi! You still didn't finish all the banners!

Livi: I'M FREAKING WORKING ON IT!!! Jeez... I CAN get them done, but everyone in the house was screaming "Hurry up Hurry up Hurry up! We wanna post it today! It's gotta be today!"

Ace: Why weren't you done three months ago like you promised us?

Livi: (eyes narrow) ...remind me why I let you live here?

Ace: (shrinks back) Oh, don't kick me out...

Livi: We'll see. (to Tiku) Anyway, Smart Ass, I'll have the banners done tomorrow.

Annoyance: You have plans tomorrow.

Livi: Okay, Saturday.

Mowo: But that'll be the first full day Shannon's home!

Livi: Fine! Sunday!

Matsudai: You'll be going to church.

Livi: GOD!! Do you SEE why I never get anything done!? It's not ENTIRELY my fault!

Nata: Just mostly.

Livi: Dude. Freaking SHUT UP already.

Annoyance: OKAY WHATEVER!!! So the Crew's FINALLY back online. Hopefully, these morons will be updating a lot quicker than that moron.

Livi: Gee, aren't you the most supportive sister in the world?!

Annoyance: Oh, you know you freakin' LOVE me!

Julieanna: Yeah. Love. That's the word we were looking for.


Livi: OKAY! What say we end this before someone gets hurt?!

Tiku: Dude, you don't want violence, get off our site.

Ace: Seriously. War is pretty much the entire grounding for Legends.

Livi: Is not! It's, like... friendship... or something...

Annoyance: (blank stare) ...Have you MET the Residents?

Livi: SHUT UP! That's our fault anyway.

Nata: (laughs) Okay, whatever!

Livi: Oh be nice. You morons have been ranting long enough anyway. There's far more interesting crap everywhere else on the site.

Annoyance: For serious?! This is live ANNOYANCE over here!

Tiku: (eye roll) Ya know, you're not as fabulous as ya think you are.


Mowo: Not really.


Mowo: Well, you're not exactly likable.

Annoyance: FREAKIN MORONS!!! I HATE ALL OF YOU!!! (slips out)

(beat of silence)

Annoyance: (slips back in, in Tiku's lap) Oh yeah, Boredom's hunting me down today... just remembered why I love you losers so much!
Tiku: (jumps back from the keyboard) Holycrapwhatthehelldidido?!

Nata: Omigod! (pounces on the laptop) I think you fixed it!

Tiku: ...I did?

Nata: Yes! We're back on Weebly! That's our site!! WE WIN!!

Tiku: Oh, heck yes!!


Nata: (starts typing and clicking as fast as she can) Okay, okay... we've got to get back to taking over the site before Livi catches us. Or is she still letting us have it?

Tiku: (shakes his head) She claims it was in a moment of rage. She wants it back and she wants us off.

Nata: Well, we'll have to fix that.... okay, lessee... where's the story she was posting?

Tiku: Is that it?

Nata: Bingo! (click click click) Oi, I HATE these freaking links! It doesn't even work!

Tiku: Here... (click click click) I find it very sad that we're taking a page out of Durithyll's book.

Nata: I know... Oi... And she's still updating her site quicker than us!!

Tiku: Oh yeah? Not for long... we'll fix that.

Nata: Right. We'll have to constantly be working on site stuff, and making it PERFECT!

Tiku: But, of course. There, link fixed.

Nata: Great. What else do we need?

Tiku: Uuuhhh... Banners. Lots more banners. And Mowo's working on an Art Page.

Nata: Okay... Livi was doing some new banners (click click) Crap! They're not done yet!

Tiku: Oi. Maybe she'll finish them tomorrow.

Nata: ...OR... we could get MOWO to finisht them? And maybe draw a couple more? Hm?

Tiku: Ahh... an excellent idea!


Mowo: WHat? (run sinto the room) Oh! You got the site working!

Tiku: Yeah, no thanks to YOU. After you went and lost that damn password, we had to figure out a way to hack onto the site!

Nata: And... (click click click) There. Password changed.

Tiku: ...what if Livi gets on?

Nata: We'll tell her its a virus.

Tiku: And she won't notice the site randomly updating itself? With pictures in Mowo's art style and blogs featuring the two of us?

Nata: ...shut up! I changed the password! We can get on and she can't! We can do whatever we want!

Mowo: Whatever we want? Fun! What do we do first?

Nata: What do we always do? (grins mischeviously) Harass the Residents.

Alright you dirt-poor fleabags! We're back online, and now Livi can't stop us! So, of course, things will be back to normal soon! Normal being us with the quicker updates, more pages, more art, and most importantly, making fun of you losers! Because, OBVIOUSLY we are the supierior high-class with our money, expensive house, gorgeous cars, wonderful outfits, enormous mansion, of which you have NOTHING. No money. Crap cars. Shitty clothes. And a cramped apartment. Congratulations, you're all the biggest losers I've ever met.

Nata: (smiles) There. If that won't pick a fight, nothing will.

Ps. OH! We totally just fixed the archives page! It
Tiku: Rantings and Ravings? Oh, so you don't trust us enough to stay on topic?

Julieanna: Okay, no offence, Liv, but seriously? You're the one we need to worry about getting distracted.

Livi: OI! It's MY freaking blog! Can I at least have the first word?

Nata: Obviously not.

Mowo: Oh! Maybe, since it's Livi's blog, she meant her rantings and ravings!

Livi: The crap?! NOW is when you choose to be smart?!

Mowo: (shrinks back a bit) I'm sorry...

Tiku: Okay, whatever, this is stupid. Look how much space we've taken up, and we still haven't even said anything about the site!

Livi: We're not talking about the site!

Julieanna: Then what ARE we talking about?

Livi: I don't know! That's why it's called "Rantings and Ravings"!!


Julieanna: I wish you could talk to yourself for five minutes. Just so you can see exactly how stupid you sound.

Livi: What?!

Nata: Wait a minute... why is it your blog?! Isn't this our site?!

Livi: (glares) Oh, shuttup, Nata.

Mowo: Oh! Oh! Oh! (waves her arms around) I think we should talk about the site, since this is our first blog post and all!

(everyone turns to stare at Mowo)

Tiku: Since when are you the smart one?

Mowo: (pins her ears back) Shuttuuuuuup.

Livi: AN-Y-WAY. Okay, uh... site stuff!! IT'S FINALLY POSTED!!!

Julieanna: Yay, so we finally exist, right?

Livi: OI! LEAVE ME ALONE!! (mumbling) I swear, I got enough of this from Shannon...

Nata: Okay, so what alls on our site? (clicks a few random pages) What, this is it?

Livi: Shuttup! It'll be more soon! Lay off!

Mowo: Seriously, though, you've been working on this for months and this is all you have?

Livi: What the he-- you know what?! I'm done talking to you!! (storms out of the room) Handle the freaking site yourselves!!


Tiku: (Grins) Cool! The site's ours now!! We can do whatever we want with it!

Mowo: Yay! (high-fives Nata) Okay, I'll work on getting an artwork page up.

Julieanna: We need, like, a Guestbook or something.

Nata: Oh, I can take care of that right now. (click click click) Voila. Guestbook.

Tiku: (sarcasm) Oi, don't get too excited now.

Mowo: Whatever! Look, is there anything else we need to do?

Tiku: Hmmm... (click click click) Home page looks good... where's the--oh, we're in the Blogspot. The character pages are--I thought Livi was planning to do pictures with them?

Livi: (from a different room) LEAVE ME ALONE!! I'M WORKING ON THEM!!!

Julieanna: Translation: "Yeah, right, like I'm actually going to do that"

Tiku: Tch. Nice.

Mowo: Where's the actual stories? Isn't she publishing the arcs?

Nata: (click) It's right there. There's a link to the story on FictionPress.

Mowo: Oooooohhhhh. Mmm-kay. I'm going to get an Art page ready! (scampers off)

Julieanna: (stands up) I'll go see if I can convince Livi to do anything else productive today. You two can play with the site if you want--Liv said it was ours now.

Tiku: (slams a fist on the desk) I want more banners! Of us!! All the banners are Livi!!

Nata: Ew, and they're all the same. (calls into the Lair) MOWO!!! MAKE US SOME NEW BANNERS!!!

Mowo: (pokes her head in) But, the Art page--

Nata: Can wait!! Banners!! Now!!

Mowo: (sighs) Fine. I'll work on the stupid banners.

Tiku: Awesome! Meanwhile, you and I can hop over and host the Guestbook!

Nata: (claps her paws) Fun!!


    That would be me. Not the Livi you see in the story, the real Livi, whom the character is based off of. If you want her information, check out the Characters page.

    As for myself... I am a normal human female, residing in the base-world. The majority of my life is spent scribbling away in sketchbooks, typing on my computer, or dreaming and scheming alone in my room.

    I only wish I could go on the sorts of adventures the Crew is allowed to enjoy. However, my place is not chasing myths, threatening civilazation, destroying sanity, or causing the end of all existance. My place is here, recording such events for all to enjoy.

    And enjoy, I certainly hope you do. Feel free to comment here and let me know how you're liking the fruits of my labors.


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